He could play Tom Brady next year, work with Fox, or take a year off

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Dallas Cowboys

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NBC’s Cris Collinsworth made an interesting revelation during first week garbage time for Tampa Bay in Dallas.

While he and Mike Terrico were discussing their pre-production meeting with the Buccaneers quarterback Tom BradyCollinsworth said that in 2023, he could play Brady, start his work at Fox, or take a year off.

The possibility of Brady taking a year off leave has not been mentioned before. His Fox deal starts, by all accounts and reports, when he’s done playing. The truth may be that he starts when he wants to start.

Really, what would Fox tell him? Now or never?

Everyone wants to get ahead of the curve in what Brady will do. The truth is that no one knows, including Brady.

And the possibilities should now include a year off for Brady, whenever he decides to stop playing.

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